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Advantages to buying a fresh tree... Just one acre of Christmas trees absorbs 3.5 to 6 tons of carbon from the atmosphere in the course of the trees life. Christmas Tree farms employ thousands of workers every year. *

Care Tips for your Fresh Tree
To maintain maximum freshness, place the base of the fresh, cut tree in water as soon as possible If the tree will not be placed in the stand within 6-8 hours, a bucket with water will suffice. Water temperature is unimportant. If more that 6-8 hours should pass without water, it is beneficial to slice about 1/2 an inch from the bottom of the trunk. This will remove sap and allow the tree to absorb water. When set in the stand, the water level should be monitored daily. Large trees may drink up to 1 gallon of water on the first day and a quart on subsequent days. Your tree will stay fresh longer when direct sources of heat are minimized. Place trees away from fireplaces, and heat registers.**

Sources: *Research findings in sequestered
carbon from Dr. Gary Chastagoner Washington
State University Professor of Plant Pathology;
**National Christmas Tree Association

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